Finding ideal solutions for everyday and one-time challenges is what we do best, and we roll out our plans fast.

Consulting Services

financial modeling

Business plans with 3 to 5-year accurate projections are absolutely key to receiving funding as well as establishing a road map for the company’s success. Audits of slow performing businesses create new ways to achieve profitability.


Branding is an essential aspect of doing business. Creating a story, a vision, a lifestyle, a belief system that will live on for decades.


Professional Writing

From ghost writing books to authoring websites. Anything requiring professional writing services we can do for a reasonable price and within an efficient time frame.

Product Sourcing

Finding the best products or resources within competitive price points can be challenging. We have years of experience matching products or manufacturing options with brands. Want to create a product? We have that covered as well.


Staffing, training, creating systems, building operations and management best practices makes for a smooth-running business from start to finish.


Starting a business can be confusing. We can provide a logo, website, business plan, marketing plan and everything else that goes into creating a new business. Innovative solutions, funding, site selection and hiring. We provide everything your vision requires.


strategy and management

Strategy is especially challenging to orchestrate the best product, service or experience while being competitive and sensitive to the market. Management, leadership and training allow for unmatched performance.

Business Development

From website construction to digital branding and social media, we create sales resources to generate online marketplaces as well as brick and mortar marketing solutions.

Social Media

Social media is a crucial marketing tool. We can get your business connected to all of the significant social media outlets with beautiful landing pages.

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Minton Bio

Fresh30 is sure to impress

Melinda Minton has been a business consultant for over 25 years. From concept to completion, she has consulted on operations, financial modeling, branding, strategy and management issues. Featured for consecutive years in Entrepreneur magazine, Minton serves as an expert resource for such publications as Better Homes and Gardens, Shape, First for Women, In Style, and Alternative Medicine magazines and is on the Board of Directors for Healing Retreats and Spas and Hotel Executive magazines.

Minton graduated from Harvard School of Law in mediation and works with her local court system offering mediation in family, business and lease agreements.

Q & A

Q: What is Fresh30?

A: Over 30 years of business experience. We can change the dynamics of your success story in 30 minutes, in 30 days or in 30 months. With our collection of resources, we routinely create start-ups, author business plans, audit financials, produce sales systems, build presentation stacks as well as generate PR and marketing opportunities. From concept to completion, we’ve got you covered

Q: Why is Fresh30 different?

A: After consulting with small businesses and corporations for the last few decades, Melinda Minton decided to create a solution to challenges that commonly present themselves. The start-up phase to examine project feasibility and secure funding. The three-year crunch where a business can stall and fail. The seven-year slump when numbers are stagnant and an innovation booster shot is needed to refuel, refocus and recharge.

Q: Is your work unique, “out of the box thinking?

A: Millions of years ago someone came up with various concepts of what we can only call, “the box.” If you need or want a box we can do just about anything: edible, biodegradable, programable, fragranced, re-useable or downright fun. However, we prefer leaving boxes out of business, strategy, innovation and profitability.

Q: What if my business just needs a little help?

A: Wonderful! Well done! We can create assistance for whatever your needs. A la carte and prepared just for your needs.

Q: What is the process?

A: It’s simple. Please fill out our contact form, email us or give us a call. We will arrange a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs. Shortly thereafter we will create a proposal, a detailed timeline and an investment amount.

Business Plans and Funding

A business plan is a blueprint for success.Our plans are also wonderful vehicles for securing funding from a lender, VC or partner, a reliable plan is the first step to the rest of the equation.Twenty to sixty pages complete with sales forecasting, marketing plan, operations and sourcing strategy, our plans also vet the concept and competition providing a launch or expansion that is predictable and controlled.

Proposals and Packages

Once we have completed a complimentary 30-minute consultation our team will develop a plan with deliverables and deadlines as well as a budget. We will develop a concise package that fits your needs, wants and scope of business. Expansions from franchising to creating a regional family of brands allows for focusing on what you do best; while audits break down your business to metrics that reveal areas of opportunity and profitability.

What others are saying

“Melinda created a business plan complete with financials and led us to funding resources. Five years later we are going strong.”

What others are saying

“We started a business and couldn’t find the right sales team. Ms. Minton recruited and then trained individuals who made up an impressive salesforce.”

What others are saying

“We have a boutique and needed both hard to find, high quality projects as well as a product line with our label. Within days Minton had everything lined up. High quality products at reasonable prices.”

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