Social Media

Social media is a crucial marketing tool. We can get your business connected to all of the significant social media outlets with beautiful landing pages. We can also get you into relevant groups, write, stage and launch your posts as well as flag users that you should connect to on a more significant level. Google ad words and opportunities for advertising on other platforms are one of our specialties. Allow us to build your ads, negotiate pricing and choose peak times to get your target market’s attention.


Human Resources is such a broad area. We routinely write operations manuals, interview and select key players in your enterprise, complete with background checks and reference research. We have relationships with temporary services nationwide. We can also come in and train your staff no matter the extent of their responsibilities.

Professional Writing

From ghost writing books to authoring websites. Anything requiring professional writing services we can do for a reasonable price and within an efficient time frame. Technical writing is well researched, easy to understand and accurately fact checked. Brochures, catalogs, menus, manuals, scripts and operations manuals are all common projects. If you just need some editing and a little enhancement—we do that too!

Start Ups

Startups are exciting and fun. Everything that goes into a start up amounts to your future success as well as the opportunity to make a lasting first impression on your target market. Needless to say, we can do everything: site selection, employee recruitment, print layout and copy, website development, logo layouts, product sourcing, contract negotiation, point of sale and accounting software…. If your start up requires a service, we can do it!

Business Development

Depending on the format of your business entity, we can recruit and train both outside sales teams and retail staff. This comes complete with a training manual and may include other training mediums. We routinely produce hiring testing for your field of expertise. All of the other aspects of business development we can do as well: POS systems, accounting systems, operations manuals, MLM, distributor search and contracts, merchandising, and umbrella planning.


Your brand is the heart and soul of your company. Branding includes everything from social marketing, website or brick and mortar design to packaging. Your marketing strategy must include packaging, telling your brand’s story and then following through with your mission in every aspect of day to day business. Most of all your brand must be authentic and unique. Let us brainstorm with you and make that dream a reality.

Strategy and Management

This involves a SWOT, competitor analysis, short and long-term goals, benchmarking, budgeting and creativity. Using your business plan or feasibility study as a starting point, service analysis, price points and market selection are all key components to planning your company’s competitive edge and the style of management and goal execution necessary to create a stellar success.

Product Sourcing

Finding unique, high quality, attractive, environmentally responsible products that neatly fit into your brand isn’t easy. We do this all of the time and can both give you a competitive edge as well as save time and mis-spent energy. Furthermore, we firmly believe in custom product and service creation as well as private label. How powerful is it to have your brand on all or most of your products!

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling fits neatly within business planning and running feasibility studies for start-ups or expansions. When a business becomes stagnant, or worse, failing an audit quickly uncovers the problems so a turn around can be executed immediately. Funding options like angel investors, venture capitalists, bankers, the SBA and silent partners all require extensive past numbers as well as projected financial forecasting. We can create this type of portfolio in any accounting style appropriate.