At FRESH30 we can perform basically any task necessary to start, expand or improve your business. From concept to completion. When you contact us, we will be happy to share examples of previous projects including testimonials.

Business Plans

Restaurants, retail, bars, products, services, franchise circulars. Podcasts, entertainment, travel, publications.

We do it all!

Websites and Design

From Start to Finish

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

  • We will do all of the financials for three to five years profit and loss
  • We can provide grant writing or presentations to bankers, partners or VC’s
  • We can create your vision quickly and accurately from start to finish
  • Site selection, buildout, lease negotiation, marketing materials
  • Staffing, training, management systems and HR in addition to insurance and operations manuals
  • Give us your vision. Offer a wish list and we will develop a SWOT and feasibility study.

Podcasts, Digital Media, Brilliant Presentations and a Fresh, Creative Approach

  • A solid list of deliverables with timelines, secured budget, and a no surprises proposal that works with your budget and vision.
  • Industry research that is accurate and will provide your brand a pathway to success.
  • Exactly what you want using our years of business development, sales management and marketing prowess. Don’t have a rainy day!

Books, Zines, Journals, Magazines

  • Minton published a magazine to the wellness and fitness industry for years…VITALITY!
  • Minton has published 6 books for herself as well as ghost written books for others.
  • Let us launch your cable show or podcast: Minton did a cable show, Spa Living in 2008. We can source, script and design basically whatever you want to do.

Professional Writing Services

  • Book design and publisher procurement
  • Blog posting and social media management
  • Feature writing
  • Ask and you will receive expertise in technical writing services
  • Content writing for websites, publications, newsletter, and business writing.
  • Product development
  • Packaging
  • Distribution Plan
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising Strategy
  • FDA Approval if Necessary
  • International or National branding and distribution procurement.

Complete Graphic Analysis

  • Or any purpose
  • As an infographic for your website
  • For a business presentation
  • To present visuals of your numbers for sale of your company or to start a company.

We Valuate Businesses for Sale or Purchase

  • Thinking of buying a business? We are on it!
  • We can assess their financials for the last three to five years, perform a valuation study and provide you with advice on what to offer and assist with the transition.
  • Oftentimes buying an established business is good if you strike at the right time with the right business and make an offer that makes sense.

Social Media, Digital Strategy

  • The best way to get attention quickly.
  • We can set up all of your social media accounts
  • Connect you with the right people.
  • Post for you
  • Pitch your business to the media
  • Find a clientele
  • Make you profitable and happy!

Get your HR Machine Going

  • Find a staff that are within your requirements of training, skills and salary expectations
  • Train your sales team.
  • Create an HR and operations manual that will keep your brand safe, find the right people and them help them to grow within your organization.

“We needed a pet service set up and had no idea where to start. FRESH30 helped us out and as promised in 30 days, we had a business!”

Susan-Pet Grooming Owner

“I am a professional photographer who expanded into a studio. FRESH30 found a site, funding, clients! I got to stick to what I do best, photography.”


“I’m a chef and wanted my own food truck. Like clockwork I had a truck, funding, social media and a business. Thank you, FRESH30!”

-Pete, Chef